Our goal is always to create added value and growth for you and your company! 
We never lose sight of the goal and also support you in implementing the necessary measures.

Project Examples

Strategy Development

Development of a market, product and sales strategy for a start-up company in Switzerland. We acted as external advisors at the board of directors’ level, successfully developed the strategy and subsequently implemented it as interim managers. 

Operational Excellence

For a major financial services company in Switzerland, we were asked to analyse the value chain of multi-channel distribution with regard to cost and effectiveness at the client interface. Based on this, new efficient processes were evaluated and implemented, which led to ongoing cost savings and added value at the client interface.

Growth and Productivity

Restructuring of a sales region and the branch network. In addition to greater cost efficiency, the improved composition of the individual competencies within the larger branches resulted in sustainable productivity gains and first-class customer service. Thanks to appropriate coaching and leadership skills, the job requirements could be matched to the corresponding expertise of the employee. Our change management expertise generated significant added value in this complex project.