Our strategic focus

Working with us is different. Vision, strategic thinking, project management and innovation – heard it all before? Nothing but slogans? Not with us. Promise. Give us a try.

Growth and Productivity

Strategy Development/Consulting 

You always have to deal with the tasks at hand and hardly ever have time to think about the further development of your company, organisation, products, markets and personnel. 

We help you focus on the here and now as well as plan and develop the future correctly. 

Project & Interim 

You have many ideas for the further development of your company. Unfortunately, 99% of the ideas remain just that, simply because you don't have the time or human resources. We help you shape your ideas, implement them professionally and, if necessary, perform management and leadership tasks.

Coaching, Mentoring

 You sometimes feel abandoned with the challenges you face and want someone who openly and critically questions habitual thought patterns.

Someone who accompanies you as an open and honest sparring partner, even for personnel management and difficult situations. 

Digitisation, Innovation, Corporate Governance, Succession

Leadership and organizational development

Do you want to take your managers to the next level? Our consulting offering in the area of ​​leadership and organizational development includes tailor-made solutions for managers and organizations. This includes our Healthy Leadership program, team building, organizational development, change management and talent development. Our approach is designed to meet individual needs and support managers and organizations in achieving their goals 

Succession Planning

You are concerned with the future and the continued existence of the company you have successfully built. 

We help you analyse and evaluate possible options without time pressure at an early stage as well as implement them in a targeted manner on the basis of an action plan. And in a very trusting and discreet environment at all times. 

Corporate Governance

You have a board of directors that sees itself primarily as a controlling body, but does not offer you an organisational vision. Are you lacking additional competencies within the board of directors? Does your board of directors meet the legal requirements and principles of corporate governance? We help you analyse your board and develop an effective integrated governance model.

Our Clients

We focus our services on private entrepreneurs and SME’s.
Our clients typically want to access new segments or markets, require additional expertise on a strategic and/or operational level or simply have too few internal resources to effectively implement the necessary projects or management tasks. Higher growth and productivity are the objectives.
Often, topics such as innovation, digitisation, personnel development and succession planning are not actively dealt with. We can help you!
We offer competence, experience and an independent sparring partner you can count on!